Wednesday, May 25, 2016

spring cleaning and this and that

the truth is, i'm a bit tired of everything. so it's time to shift things around a bit.

even change the menu, experiment with those recipes i never got around to.

but i can't get away from the teabag art
i love it. they're stacking up. a few have been gifted to friends. 
i think it's the texture and color of the paper

a friend brought me some bark
to draw or paint on ofcourse
and i've been picking up jacaranda pods to paint on too

nature makes such a great substrate
i put these together while gardening. tiny pieces bark used as mulch. can you see the baby?

in between, more teabags
and flowers on brown paper bags
and a book kit by tim holtz from michael's was irresistible thanks to a 40% off coupon. 

my favorite teabag inspired by a painting by a dutch painter of children

so you see, the flurry of creativity has continued in spite of needing a disconnect. 

brooch and pendants made with polymer clay
and sketches
and a pochette

many packages have gone out to instagram followers around the world who always leave such encouraging comments or who send me the most amazing packages or notes with surprises like this butterfly wing.

stitched mostly, with the occasional small painting
tag or watercolor
and thank you card, altered for a good purpose. 
i love what i do as a pastime
next time, i'll show and tell about my spirit cloth in progress


marcela cavaglieri said...

Hola Connie, no te puedo contar como me gusta tu tea bag art, it's really good my friend!!! Dan hasta ganas de probar pero no tengo tu sensibilidad o tu arte. Probaste de mandarles samples a los de Somerset Life, se verian preciosas en esas revistas. Estoy preparando escapada a santiago, espero poder cachurear con Cecilia!

Virginia said...

I always love ur Instagram feed & now I'm so happy to discover your beautiful blog!!! Ur work inspires me!!!

Mrs Bertimus said...

Beautiful work me dear x