Wednesday, August 15, 2007


The past few days have brought surprise after surprise after surprise regarding friendship and being kind, gentle and aware of the needs and reasons of "others". Case in point-Dianne (please see favorite links), someone I have never met nor whose face I have ever seen, unselfishly helped me tune up my blog since I am so backwards when it comes to the more scientific side of my brain. I just keep going over the motions she took and I just can't believe there are such beautiful strangers out there. Coincidentally went to see My Best Friend (French Movie) and reaffirmed the importance of those tender mercies. Dianne, what a spirit you have.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Paulina, my Heart & Soul go out to you

Rosario,Armando,Jorgito,Vicente,Consuelo, Constanza, Florencia and Paulina vacationing in Maitencillo.
Today was also a very sad day since I heard that my Godmother's 11 child, daughter Laurita, passed away last Wednesday. Laurita was child number 11 and Paulina had already lost Francisca, her 5th child, many years ago so this must be very very hard for her. 9 children are still living and Constanza has recently given birth to her own child, Emilia. I feel helpless consoling her since she is so far away in Chile. Here are a few of my favorite photographs of my favorite venerable family in the world as I see it and an ATC I happened to make over the weekend before I found out.

Paulina, my Heart & Soul are with you

Today was also a very sad day since I heard my Godmother's daughter, Laurita, born only a few weeks ago, died last Wednesday from Edward's Syndrome. I feel impotent to console her since she is so far away in Chile and secondly, because this is the second time she loses a child; Francisca was the first to die of SIDS many many years ago and she was blessed with 4 more children after her loss and she already had 6 who were older than Francisca. So of the 12 children, 10 are still living which is a miracle in itself because in Chile it's not that easy to make a living as a Film Producer which is what her husband Armando does to support the family. Here are a few of my favorite photographs of my favorite venerable family in the world as I know it.

Sometimes I sew, sometimes I knit, sometimes I glue, sometimes I assemble

One of the frustrating things for any artist, I think, is the mental block. Although my head is full of ideas and my notebooks are full of sketches and ideas I jot down (sometimes in the most unusual places), there are days when no matter how I try NOTHING comes of them. I feel barren, sterile, a pseudo-artist. Yet, there is nothing to do but to wait it out.

Last week was sort of like that with a brief interlude where I made a few altered tins after browsing through a Somerset Studio Magazine I believe and finding the work of Lisa Kaus which I instantly related to. And here they are and hopefully not offending her original idea.

A few of my previous altered art projects are here too before they end up in the labrynth of my PC.