Wednesday, March 21, 2012

the colors of peace

created for tag tuesday challege
goose egg blue or goosey

it is a common thing lately to see and read about how many of us are starting to slow down
when it comes to blogging.  and i am one of them. not that blogging has lost its momentum or that i have lost interest; on the contrary, i love to share and contribute to the world out there in any form or shape i can.  but i need more peace and less frazzle, more time to actually DO than talk about it.  so i have decided to do what a lot of us are doing, a monthly or maybe bi-monthly post about the goings on in my world so i can create more, share with my family and plan that spring roadtrip we've so anxiously been awaiting. especially now that spring is no longer insinuating itself but has arrived.

 and the seedlings are starting to sprout
and i can take those much awaited two hour walks.

like yesterday's

where it felt like i had the beach all to myself

after several days of torrential rains

digital collage i made for the subject of exploring
i can be an explorer again
and get involved in the issues that interest me
like the issues in the patagonia
"it takes a village" or "aysen se levanta"
houses made with empty cigarette boxes
to support the 11th. region of chile which is going through a lot of political turmoil right now.
patagonia protest

well, what i'm trying to say i guess, is that posting takes a long time, and a lot of energy goes into editing the photographs and chosing the right words. and i'm kind of not liking spending so much time in front of the computer.  the whole universe interests me, yes, but, my universe and my love story are too important to me. i will limit my browsing hours to flickr, where i began, and to no more than 30 minutes on pinterest.
let's see if i keep my resolve

Saturday, March 10, 2012

i am mad with joy

spring is here {almost}. and as lara(in dr. zhivago) would say with that inflextion in her voice: "i am mad with joy!"
 you will find me outside
 under the eaves
 feeding the birds
 honouring nature's bounty
 after the dormant months
 even my dabbles in creativity center around nature

 for example, this altered peat container
filled with spring-related watercolor tags and seeds
yes, "i am mad with joy".

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

tag tuesday


when i was a little girl, every weekend my father would take us to our beach house on the coast of chile just so we could wake up at the crack of dawn to go bird watching. his favorites were pelicans although at home we settled for a parrot named clotilde. so my love of birds began at a very early age.

i never became an ornithologist like my father but developed my own personal love of birds through poetry and art. as a matter of fact, my favorite quote is from a poem by pablo neruda and i have used it repeatedly over the years in many of my creations and even at the heading of my ebay listings years ago.

i had purchased this quite expensive enameled button of a bird quite a while ago and didn't know what to use it for until carolyn's challenge. since it is so dainty, i opted for a fabric tag. it is rather long and skinny and i love how it turned out with all the different fabric elements i found for it.

....and here is an old picture of me at the beach house observing clotilde as we often took her out of her cage to converse with.

Monday, March 5, 2012

a blessing in disguise

it's not all bad this being semi incapacitated. it has given me the opportunity to finally get to work on the prayer flags for the prayer flag project. i had some many bits and pieces half finished over the last few months and decided to incorporate them into the flags and then embroider the prayers. i ventured outside the bedroom, enjoying the backlight on one of the sofas which seemed ever more comfy for my back.
so being bedridden has been a blessing in disguise as so often blessings are.
 i'm also going to give a fabric bundle a try

filled with organic matter and soaked in water every other day until the sun does its thing.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

bet you didn't know i love to cook

homemade quiche cheesy-baconey-fluffy-deliciousness
5 eggs whipped and whipped until fluffy
one and 1/4 cups of heavy whipping cream whipped into the eggs for more fluffiness

lots of grated gruyere cheese, the thinner the better
bacon fried and dried and cut into small squares with scissors
nutmeg, salt and pepper

the bacon and cheesse mixed together inside the pie crust
the eggs and cream mix poured over the bacon and cheese
into the oven at 350 degrees for approximately 45 minutes.  make sure the center is still shaking a bit since this will add to the fluffiness.  note the word fluffy used repeatedly.  you will notbe disappointed.  i make the best quiche or so they tell me. more like a souffle, promise.  and so easy.
i like to serve it with fresh sliced tomatoes.
i must be getting better one small step at a time.