Wednesday, August 20, 2014

the things that matter

melodie stacy sent me this portrait spoon and mini fabric bunny doll. the past two weeks i have been showered with gifts, my mail box has been packed with little boxes and packages gifted to me by so many of my online friends.
you see, they know it's not all about me.....i draw from them way more than from my small imaginative world. so, i finally get to share with you some of the work by my favorite contemporary artists that i have slowly collected over time.
first and foremost
lynne hoppe! she literally lives in wonderland with little escapades into the east and many an escapade into the garden of eden. i love everything she does and finally asked her for one of her mini paintings.
molly meng
julie ippoliti
susan buchanan
my sudio at night, quite abandoned at the moment since i have been mainly stitching
ellen benson

more me
bobi & bobi
more of my studio with work by mary stanley, ruth harris, syd mccutcheon and myself
a piece i bought long long ago from canada i believe
one of my son's first pencil drawings
i have yet to own one of dana's
nola hart
a bunny from england
quite eclectic in my tastes but all spell outsider, handmade, homemade
and ofcourse there are the hundreds if books on my bookshelfs, illustrated mainly
so the days rush by
imbued with beauty
touched by friendship
as i, too, reach for the stars
and the things that truly matter