Wednesday, June 12, 2013

what a month! plentiful to say the least.  in spite of a tepid spring and a not too promising summer by california standards, the season has been giving.
may and june and july are birthday months in our family; tatiana turned 26, richard turns 80 on saturday and we are in the midst of preparing his party and jon will turn 29 in july.  it is hard to believe that my children have grown up so fast and are leading independent lives.  both, i am glad to say, with very strong artistic inclinations, tatiana with her interior decorating and jon with his graphic design.
why it seems like only yesterday we were vacationing together in baja.
parenting has been by far my most interesting challenge and to see them unfurl even more so.  they are so different from each other, jon being a modernist and an introvert and tatiana such a go getter, such a hard worker and the best friend a mother could hope for.  i must have done something right....even though it was hard at times getting them to withstand the tough love years.

and richard, my darling companion for the last 8 years, the funniest, kindest, smartest partner i could have ever wished for.  the one who brings me fresh coffee every morning, the one who does the shopping for me (i h... to shop), the one who takes care of all the technical aspects of the home, the one who fires me up to keep creating, the one who comes up with the most endearing nicknames for me such as "my royal gorgeousness" and "my olivine beauty" or frau capitan when i am in my top dog mode.  in spite of the 22 year difference between us, we are true soul mates.

as i write he is deeply engrossed in watching the roland garros tennis matches as he nibbles on croutons and cheddar cheese.

i notice my blog becoming more and more of an art blog since that is what i spend most of my time doing.  slowly but surely i have taught myself to draw and paint.  who would have guessed that a fabric lover like myself could paint?
 seeing those faces coming to life, emerging slowly, becoming human is a sensation difficult to explain.  once finished they are alive on those stratums and i lay them against a wall to keep me company until they are ready to fly via etsy to their new homes.
last saturday i awoke to eight sales in a 24 hour period.  i couldnt believe it.....could it really be?  monday was spent carefully specially wrapping each one with love.  one package to england, one to france, the others locally.  i have yet to receive feedback from those receiving them, always a scary thing. 

a keeper for a while

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 as i write, i notice certain days call for certain colors
the one and only embroidery lately