Thursday, March 27, 2014

Full Circle

it always surprises me when i see my own work, what my inner voices are calling me to do. i won't call them inner demons at the moment although the last two rabbit paintings have been quite dark. that, according to my son. i prefer to call them surreal.

the folk art assignment
i signed up for an online workshop with Misty Mawn called Full Circle Workshop to get me back to my other passion...painting.
What an amazing workshop, filled with videos and tutorials, all the possible creative tools for those of us who love photography, mixed media, poetry and painting.
my interpretation of the "phases of the moon assignment"
not that i don't have ideas whirling through my head all the time, but nothing better than the occasional trigger.  
the mandala assignment

misty has put together a magical workshop of inspiration, a true full circle workshop.

the tonal assignment
many of the exercises i had never thought of doing, realizing now how
important they are to loosen up and give paintings a less flatter look.  if only i had more time... i need to really practice in this area call tonal value.
in the meantime just enjoying experimenting with textural backgrounds and larger formats.

the two bunny paintings above-mentioned
a practice in my grey paper journal that i love with a strong leaning towards my love of folk art.

the icon assignment

so complete is the workshop, that i will probably be with it for the full year it will be available, except for small breaks to sew a little something
but ofcourse many more things have happened in between.  our plantings in the garden, sweet peas appearing.  many many "all creatures great and small"
books arriving, home made tamales being cooked, plans for a chile trip in november being made, and little excursions to other art-related happenings being fulfilled.  so stay tuned for my theatre shadowbox created at french general over past weekend.
but to finish this long post
my beautiful surpise in the mail from ellen benson who i met in oaxaca and who is now back in her PA.  

"Keep a Green Bough in Your Heart, and the Singing Bird will Come".
stay in the 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

at last, a room of my own

a room of my own, well almost since it will also serve as a guest room. a sunlit room
my play room, my imaginary world, my own crafty museum

a room for all the crafty goodies out there; sticky ones, mushy ones, wooden, paper, fabric, wooly even mineral ones to go wild with.

the only thing lacking is the worktable; my maestro keeps putting it off. no worries, plenty to keep me busy with needle and thread....
as you can see from this vintage inspired needlebook i worked on for two twilight evenings in the company of james and helen herriot and sigfried and tristan of "all creatures great and small".
and then sticking to the commitment to finish all the unfinished while new ideas whirl into my brain from all those wonderful photos i run into on kindred blogs.  

of late
Sarah Moon and Christine of Gentlework
and ellen benson who i met in oaxaca
who makes the most fabulous dumpster divas as she calls them.
oaxaca is still in my veins
as i continue to explore their love of religious art
one of my inexplicable loves too since my father was an agnostic and my mother a non-practicing catholic.

and in between, i make small getaways to the ranch to pick blood oranges
and feathers and mysterious shards of pottery
and stops at the local fruit stands
for strawberries, avicados and fresh flowers.
life is one long string of little knots of beauty.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Tiny Update

enjoying the inside before spring forward, sitting on the comfy couch, looking out the picture window, sipping tea and stitching of course.

lots of applique this season and use if wools and tweeds

Enjoying it so much that it wants to grow

and it did rain, copiously

and as the season begins to bid farewell, i venture out
but new seeds
of creativity a cometh!