Sunday, March 22, 2015

the number 21, a lucky number=spring
the winter was long this year so i am especially happy with this promising season. I have already planted so plenty of seeds sprouting already and the malva is robust and covered in purple beauty as are the azaleas. 

i've been stitching a lot. A LOT. it is therapy, it calms me down, almost sedates me. 
and all my stitching speaks of life

and hope for Richard
the best thing has been being able to get outdoors, take long hikes with Tatiana and Tigo

nature also being one of the great healers

and in between, tons of reading and Netflix as I nurse R before his big surgery. 
through this difficult time, we somehow seem to make things work and keep it joyous, positive and love-filled with plenty of laughter too.

i guess you can guess that just by the colors we surround ourselves with

and fresh flowers ALWAYS

there is little to complain about other than  this prolonged wait for R's surgery

puppykins sends his love