Wednesday, May 28, 2008

William Emery Caudill, Love of My Life

I finally dug up this photo and scanned it to upload to my blog. There you are, my darling man, my bestest friend ever, in the days when you would come over after work to barbecue for me. I still remember every detail; the hand-picked flowers you you used to buy me at Passion Flowers, how animals always came up to you, how you twitched them toes when you were barefoot watching TV stretched across the floor. And oh what ahand at cooking and head massages you have.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Me hacen falta tantas cosas, bueno, no cosas, sino experiencias que anteriormente me producian pasion. Encontrarme, por ejemplo, de sorpresa con Diego Maqueira tomandose un cafe en la Plaza del Mulato Gil, pasar el verano a pata pelada en Vichuquen, cagarme, mearme de la risa con mis amigas en Santiago, caminar por los caminos de tierra del sur aspirando aromas que la dejan a una maravillada de un Dios tan perfecto. Solo se logra esto cuando se camina harto como en Chile. Echo de menos el azar de los encuentros, las vistas por las ventanas de las micros y el metro, los rostros caminando por el Paseo Ahumada.

La naturaleza es mi mayor atraccion. Pienso que el mayor desastre de una sociedad civilizada es el alejamiento de la naturaleza. Cuantos ninos no estarian mas sanos mentalmente si pasaran mas tiempo libres a la orilla del mar o un rio. Po experiencia ahi es donde me siento mas feliz, mas tranquila, mas plena.

La responsabilidad me tiene chata. Quiero ser libre otra vez, dejar de ser esclava del pinche dolar peso, comer fruta fresca, plantar mis vegetales, ir a pescar mariscos. Simplemente dicho, relajarse y desprenderse de esta esclavitud.

Al menos sigo con la mirada puesta en las bellezas y disfruto de lo visual aunque mi alma este un poco descompuesta.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


The weeks after my return have been a mixture of feelings. Although the sun is happy, the water in the pool is my favorite color and that one bird sings just for me outside my window, something seems amiss.

So my hands are my escape, mi desahogo.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

80 hours of labour

80 hours of labour
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Latest work. Huge amount of time and effort went into putting together this wall mobile since each circle was crocheted and then handstitched onto a felt circle then stitched again t along crochet strand for weight.

I will definitely keep this one since too many hours of work went into it to even start to put a price on it.

And this evening I begin another of my art dolls.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Work in Progress Crochet

What a week. Bernardita came over to stay for several days and we went all over looking for cottons and yarns to begin the knitting and crochet phase anew. I have decided I must stay away from looking at other people's work and concentrate on looking within to picture my own fantasies and illusions. Only in this way can I really bring out my TRUE expression and materilaize it. An inspired work is good once in a while but I feel it really misleads me and frustrates me more than satisfy my creative instinct.

I began this crochet mobile with an old piece of driftwood I sanded. Lots of different sized cotton crochet circles will become a hanging rainbow of colors over a door frame.

Outside my window, my garden speaks to me. The colors are almost fluorescent. Watering in the evening is a happy ritual.