Tuesday, April 26, 2016

trying new tricks

it seems like i've taken a detour. i was a bit tired of portraits. and i have always loved vessels, and flowers. 

i've been having so much fun in the art studio

i fixed it up quite a bit, tidier now and more welcoming
the room in itself is a blessing, overlooking the back garden orange trees and, when the window is open, the scent of honeysuckle and cecile brunner roses in bloom filter in. 
i count myself lucky to have a room like this.
ofcourse it is filled with work not only by myself but my favorite contemporary neo modern/outsider artists such as mary stanley, melodie stacey, colette copeland,jeanne marie webb, jenny wentworth, robin laws, lynne hoppe, amanda blake and cathy cullis. i have yet to own a jessie chorley and a julie arkell doll but i'm saving for a lisa graham small painting of a shirt on etsy.
my teabags continue on and off. i want to try the circular ones but still no luck finding any.
i did a tribute to lotta dam on a teabag. 
the teabags are addicting i must say

and i've been making postcards with natural elements such as these bouganvillea petals
and exploring the whimsical

this "indigo child" came about after listening to a russian singer
my friend erika immediately claimed it
i think i will mount it on a wood cradle
when my friend susan buchanan visted, she suggested mixing up some of my smaller work with my larger, juxtaposing. great idea i thought rather than having the portfolio filled with miniatures. i'm going to sort.
i'm also doing some illustration style watercolors
but the occasional face mini pops up
out of nowhere

and ofcourse i continue using my mechanical pencil and a few apps for my finer paintings, finer as in thin lined.
i sketch at night, in bed, while i watch the telly.
            birds are always a subject
i've also taken a liking to faceless portraits. when i posted on instagram i was told amish women leave doll faces blank so that children can imagine a loved ones face. i found that so touching.
          grid of some of the teabags
the painted shards keep multiplying
lots of packages are going out, lots of friends with birthdays, swaps , thank yous and the like.
as with this little sketch i did of a newfound friend on instagram
                first try at an animal

and occasionally i do a selfie and play photographer. above my daughter and i who are the best besties ever in the history of ever.

and, as priti lisa rightfully painted on a rock
blessings to each and every one of you who happenstance upon my blog


Lynn Holland said...

What a fabulous blog posting Constanza and a surprise when you mentioned the lovely talented London based Jessie Chorley.
I enjoyed looking at all your work and your new studio.
Love Lynn xxx

PeregrineBlue said...

thank you lynne for always being so kind with your comments. jessie chirley and her mother primey are just my cuppa tea as many english artists of today are. miss your blog posts, keep looking and looking daily.

Priti Lisa said...

i can only think...
every part.
i am going to try to send an email,
as i have some pictures to send.