Friday, October 3, 2008

My language

I feel so fortunate to be able to do the things I like the most; to have discovered that passion that evades so many. Although I sometimes think too much about the meaning of it all, where it is taking me, what I've come to conclude is that it is my language period.
Ofcourse sometimes the language can by jibberish, sometimes it can be a chant, others it will be speaking in tongues, others it will be poetry, and yet others it will linger like a song.
The wonderful thing is that is a common language; there is a nation of us who speak it alike with certain accents appearing here and there.
Mixed Media Fabric Collage by Cathy Cullisthe maiden soft with shadows in her midst replenishes her stream of Hope with subtle gifts of burnished threads and folded treasured cloths outcasting all her woes on Us the kindred ghosts rustling beside her

Painting by anne-lauredjaballah

Dolls by Firuzan in Turkey (angelsinmysecretgarden)

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Nicole Austin said...

What a wonderful artful collection of photos. ;) Thanks for sharing. It was nice meeting you at Convenzione--hope to see you again next year. I liked reading your take on the event. It's refreshing to read others' perspectives.