Thursday, October 9, 2008

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

With all eyes focused on the global gloom brought on by that ever pervading evil =MONEY, I weave my cocoon ever tighter and surround myself with what is important, which, although, cliche has always been free. My inner sanctum is, so far, unscathed. I look out my bedroom window and see the light coming down on my garden, I tune into the birds welcoming me to a new day and that is enough to make my heart leap with joy.

And then the banana shake my son brings into me out of the blue made with so much love. What could surpass these NOWS?

WHY HAS AMERICA and most of the world lost it's soul? To stash green bills in the bank for the future? A future that never really comes because they have missed the NOW. To not understand that the Yellow Brick Road leads to disappointment and illusions evaporating into nothingness is beyond me. How can we teach people to really see, to really listen, to really feel, to really care?
I truly believe what is happening is a Karma coming back to haunt us. We have to rewind and return to the starting point and begin the lessons anew until we get it right. And we can get it right. We all know deep down inside what is right; it's so simple really. It's just a matter of being consequential with true love for people and the world we live in, to treat things with gentleness and respect.
This tightening of our belts will hopefully bring us quality time playing cards, making jigsaw puzzles, walking with our families along the beach, picking up seashells, watching sunsets again, writing letters, and ofcourse making art.

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