Saturday, October 18, 2008

Happy Saturday Morn

Morning broke out with a crisp breeze, and surprises from Chile (Andres called on Skype) and Santa Paula (Bill called from the mountain) and home (Richard called from his laptop). Different. All different.

I should be out walking or riding my bike, the day is so gorgeous to be indoors but I had been wanting to change my banner so here I am doodling on the computer. It's done, maybe need to play around a little more with what I want the images to be but for now I am content.

Have been sewing my fingers to the bone. Making that nap blanket all by hand with woolen fabrics and applique of all the things I haven't sold. Thought they would make a nice reminder of all the things I sewed one year or two. Last night I embroidered the blue and white owl which will be sewn to the blanket later this evening.

I have re-thinking my Flickr uploads too, pondering whether to delete most of the photos and leave only those I really feel proud off and archive the rest. When I look back on some of my creations I can sometimes be so self-critical and say to myself "what was I thinking" or I went too fast on that one, especially the journal. I think I just wanted to get it done fast, when I could have made it an ongoing project. I have thought of starting another, but the last one really took a lot out of me so maybe I will just stick to a new idea which is a poetry book with illustraions and paintings.

Now off for that walk with my camera to find more faces.

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