Wednesday, October 29, 2008


First cold of the season and I was hit. I've been bedridden for three days now, shivers, itchy throat and ears tingling. So I've had to keep myself busy with the little odds and ends I could manage to fit on my bed.

I started this fabric collage in ecrus and whites that I had envisioned a long time ago with all the little found objects I have collected over the years. Reminds me of the time, way back in the late 70's when I handsewed an 8x10 collage of only tags from clothing. I've always been one to see art in the oddest things. People must think I've lost it when I feel I've actually been found.

I also started a poetry book a few days ago with a paper mache book I aged. It is hollowed out and illustrated poems will be added as I remember my favorites. This lead me to think of a great community project where I will hit the streets as "The Culture Vulture" and paste all sorts of odds and ends around town. Camarillo is a very bland insipid little town with so much potential. It has the best restaurants of any small town I have ever lived in and is designed so that everything is conveniently distanced from the residential areas. Then we have the ocean close by and mountains and equidistances to Ventura and Thousand Oaks. So all in all, all it's missing is a burst of culture.

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