Monday, October 20, 2008

And Sunday

Some weekends are perfect and these two days were exactly that. Mid October and we still have the most gorgeous weather I can recall in the last few years. So we took off, the whole family, minus Jon and Tatiana who always have the misfortune of having to work weekends, to Topanga to visit Martin and Andrea. Loaded with salmon and lox, salame and Rondele cheese and Pita crackers, lots of drinking water, lemon and chocolate cake and jam, cantaloupe, honedew melons and strawberries we created a feast and had a country luncheon all gathered outside in Andrea's garden. Max swung on the tree rope swing entertaining us the whole while as we chatted about our earliest childhood memory. Richard was such a charm, wearing his straw hat and looking The Godfather at the head of the table.

Going to Topanga is really getting away from it all. I love it up there and love Andrea more and more as I get to know her better. She is warm and earthy and intelligent and is really making my brother and Tyler happy.

After lunch, we took a hike up the road and crossed a fence to climb all the way to the top of the Santa Monica mountains. Miracle that I was able to make it. The climb itself was spectacular, but the summit was breathtaking especially because of the time of day we got there. The sun was hitting the hills at the perfect time, bringing out all the colors of Nature.

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