Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I feel so loved

Back in the day it was pen pals. I used to have a couple of friends in Germany I used to write to and exchange postcards and photographs with. Now it is my cyber friends: over 100 on Facebook, all friends from my past in England and Chile, some who have moved to foreign countries and some here in America. But my favorites are my blog and Flickr friends, people I have met over the years becasue of common art tastes and similar values.

With this group of friends ever growing, I have more and more people to love. I get so much back from them, laughter, appreciation, admiration, support, empathy, wisdom and inspiration. I feel so loved.

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Jan said...

You give out love that cannot help but be returned. Your creativity, love of art and all things beautiful endears you to everyone around you - SO THERE! That's why I love you anyway! xx