Sunday, December 28, 2008

" the garden of earthly delights"
i love sundays. everything quietens down. you actually get to take a deeper breath and enjoy a pace of homeliness. three consecutive days of christmas lunches, teas and dinners at our house, the hughes and martin and andreas house leave me with contentment, everybody seems calmer and truly happy.
as the year ends, the urge to purge and to put new order around the house and garden stirs my conscience. lists begin to emerge in my brown notebook, new horizons awaiting just around the new years' dawning. i will look back at last years' resolutions and see which ones i stuck to and for how long, many of them will have to be repeated (try try again).

in spite of an art studio crammed with supplies, the rest of the house has a need for minimalism so more ridding myself of "things" will be a top priority.

tatiana leaves on a five week trip to chile come wednesday and jon will be going up to big bear lake for a week where he rented a house with 16 friends. will miss them soooooo much since they liven up the house and always come in to see me as I'm creating bringing their own little art pieces to add to the mix or sharing their likes in music. it was jon who introuduced me to jeff buckley whom i now love so much. i will have the kitties and get to sleep with them all to myself for a change.


Flippinpest said...

I love looking at your blog and the amazing things that you create.
You will miss your kids , mine live away from me now and although I talk to them on the phone, it isnt the same.I look forward to seeing them so much.

Susan Tuttle said...

Hi Connie!
You have been on a creative role -- so many lovely pieces here! I too am dreaming of a garden, but will have to wait many, many months until the long Maine winter is over. I am sure you will not have to wait as long.

How exciting that your daughter is going to Chile for five weeks!

Thank you so much for your sweet, kind message on my blog -- it means so very much!

Happy New Year to you my friend!



beautiful beautiful pieces of art. xxxx margaret xxxx