Monday, December 22, 2008

Things are starting to slow down around the house, finally time to enjoy the fruits of our labours. Almost all the gifts are wrapped and tagged, decorations hung and packages mailed out. I finallty have some time to actually sit and relax, read "The Wind Up Bird Chronicles", watch a few good shows on the telly and make some phone calls. But the evenings are all for pulling out my boxes and pads where I draw and write down tomorrow's possible creations. I realize I am so ecelctic; I love so many art forms, so many mediums. Although fabric seems to be my medium of choice and where I excel the most, I really want to learn how to paint. So I am slowly learning to handle those paint brushes and play with them and all the acrylic colors available plus the watercolor crayons and water soluble pastels, blending, looking for shades that match my concepts.


Jan said...

These are delightful. How lovely it is to have the time to relax and play at those things that you love doing the most. Enjoy!

Flippinpest said...

Enjoy the holidays,have a wonderful Christmas :-)