Saturday, December 27, 2008

Have you Bloomed Lately?

Have you bloomed lately?

Be the centerpiece, not the wallflower!
Don't wait for Spring to shed the comforter of inertia that keeps you asleep in the bud, the permafrost of habit that keeps you stuck in a no-growth zone. Stop wishing, start working. Quit waiting-start groundbreaking. What's the story you're waiting to be, the Super Power you've been hiding, the seed you haven't watered, the calling you've put on hold, the forgiveness you've withheld, the next step you haven't taken? There's a Wild Flower in you waiting to blossom. A back-to-nature, barefoot zinnia. A Chanel camellia searching for a spotlight. A passionflower on the prowl. A stargazer lily with sky high dreams. A rambling rose ready to pull up its roots and see the world.

It's never too late in the season to grow into your true nature.

Skirt Magazine enlightening again.

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Jan said...

Inspirational! I WILL bloom and blossom