Monday, December 1, 2008

Oh so busy with the Christmas decor and shopping that Art takes second place. Not all bad since, as an artist, sometimes one can obsess and wander into a labrynth with no exit for days. As a matter of fact there have been weeks where I have barely wandered further than my immediate neighborhood taking care of the necesssities and then rushing home in order not to lose the creative momentum. There have also been days where I am still in my jammies way past lunch time, refusing to stop what I am doing.

So this break of sorts puts me in contact with reality. Ofcourse my favorite stores are the bookstores where I can make an excuse to visit the magazine section and the Arts and Crafts section and come up with an excuse to give myself something too. Went into Barnes and Noble a couple of days ago looking for Susan Tuttle's book "Mixed Media Demonstrations and Explorations" but couldn't find it and had to settle for two more Somerset Studio magazines instead. I have never been a good shopper, I get confused and anxious when I have to spend money. Although making those I love happy by giving, I much prefer Thanksgiving which has not been contaminated with material giving. I am now almost done though, thoroughly making lists and getting to the post office early to mail all my Flickr friends overseas their gifts ahead of the rush. Hopefully, once I complete the last two or three pending gifts we can enjoy Home and all it's decorations, light the fireplace, turn on the scented candles, watch a movie or two, read some poetry and cook that special something we've been putting off 'til this opportunity.

Yet Art abides! Eves,I inevitably pull out some yarn and crochet a hat 4 Jan or make another bauble for my bauble garland.

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Mam said...

thank you for choosing me as a contact. I came here to find out more about who you are! I'm very moved by your words and amazed at your artwork!
I guess Jon is your husband. I sympathize with his need to choose between art and music and applaud his ability (or his perseverance) to actually make a choice. I still bounce back and forth between the two or try to do both at once. Can't seem to make a break. That's ok I guess.