Tuesday, December 16, 2008

As the year draws to a close it is inevitable that I look back and piece together the small accomplishments and ponder on how much more of myself has manifested itself. Most of the year has been spent on creating and bring new art into life experimenting with textures nad materials, seeing what really ticks me during the processes. And I have come to the conclusion that fabric, felt, ribbons and threads, yarn and fibres, velvets and linens are my favorite materials.

Once in a while, after reading all the magazines out there, I will return to paper, but I really don't enjoy it that much. First of all the messiness, second of all being honest with myself, I'm not really all that good at it.

So I believe the next year will be spent more on discovering and re-discovering more of fabrics.

I remember as a girl being taken to the Victoria and Albert museum by my parents and loving the section with all the costumes through the ages, seeing Degas' Ballerina for the first time with her tutu and just gazing at it from all angles. I was in love with fabrics and brocades already. Then seeing the Bayeaux Tapestry became a memory ingrained in my mind forever.

Latin America too exposed me to the array of weaving and all the bright colors I use more commonly. I love bright colors, they are synonimous with happiness.

This doesn't mean I won't keep exploring the canvas, I sometimes enjoy painting, mixing different mediums to achieve relief, but in order to find that one loud voice, I would prefer to start narrowing my creativity to one medium I truly love.

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Jan said...

Hello my friend - I have been without my computer for the past three days but now it is mended again and I am able to talk to you!
Fabric textures and colours are to me like a paint pallette. It was not long ago that I discovered my love of fabrics and now, like you, I prefer them to paper and canvas. I shall spend more time next year with sewing and creating my Frida Kahlo fabric journal.
Thank you for the kind words that you left on my blog. To be a classical guuitarist must be one of the most beautiful ways in the world to express ones emotions and to open ones soul. It is never to late to learn.