Thursday, September 10, 2009

Some days are better than others in spite of two breakdowns in my car in less than a week,. I guess it's true that bad luck comes in threes. Nothing but bad things happening to my car: 1st it was the running over a can of white paint on the freeway which left my tires and spare in shambles, Then it was the red alert, smog censors going kaput all of a sudden and the 90,000 mile maintenance people forgetting the essential spark plugs. Yesterday it was the starter, Money pouring out faster than I can make it. So what else can I do but surrender and create a thing of beauty, at least to me since I am so mis-understood.

Yes, I love old movies in black and white, yes, I cherish the bygone eras of class and propriety. Must I say that all seems vulgar and so un-subtle these days. That's why I think so many Altered Artists live in a world of make believe where all is as Home Sweet Home as can Be. Let us keep pretending. Let us re-create Life as it should be although outside our doors the boogey man lurks dangerously ready to destroy our dreams.

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