Tuesday, September 8, 2009

at last a makeshift sewing area where I can play with all my fabrics and findings.

i felt so lost without being able
to make things daily. things have taken off unexpectedly, almost as if the fabrics were speaking for themselves, as in free writing in school

i love mixing the different hues of a same color together with the added textures and then arranging them so that they make a harmonious whole.

i have also found myself moving away from art for arts sake and being more realistic about its use and purpose so trying to make art that is also utilitarian. something is gradually changing within me. today i had the chance to go to the bookstore and wanted to pick up all the latest Somerset magazines. i bought not one, my vow to not buy is working and i get inspiration just by enjoying having them in my hands for a while and then letting them go.

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ale said...

constanza que lindo todo!!!!!me encanta!!!...mientras sigas INSPIRANDOTE ,adelante con los cambios!!besos enormes!!!