Thursday, September 24, 2009

what a busy busy week. hardly a minute to sew and that has me wanting to even more. lots of visits to friends and from friends, so stop and go most of the time. i am also trying to get organized for the trip to chile in november so went to have passport pics taken before it's too late and MUST renew the passport ASAP. then there are all the emails asking me to bring this and that, things that are not readily available there or too expensive, so listing all the trips i need to make to Costco and Columbia and Borders plus the computer stores.

so far we are a group of 5 travelling together and hope to add one more person so we can rent a minivan in puerto varas together. i can't wait. just to think i will get to eat a whole bowl of erizos(sea urchins) at La Olla for a mere $3.50 makes my mouth water. and to see the volcanoes and thousands of rivers and streams again. heaven can wait, give me chile for a month.

yet, last night, after work and a long commute home, i managed to take the time to sew two more of my reliquaries. the one with the sacred heart was labor intensive but wonderful to make since i actually stuffed the mini heart so the card is three-dimensional. i love how these are turning out and hope they will sell at the upcoming art fair. today it will be hands to work on a few aprons and more purses since i have two of my original ones reserved already and they seem be liked.

oh i wish i had more time.

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Chrisy said...

Oh that heart is just exquisite...the 3d effect...the colors...