Sunday, September 20, 2009

my grandparents (first cousins) on their wedding day. magnolias and a sleeveless dress, now that's avant garde.

I have always been a scapbooker the old sense of the word. i learned the art in England where just about everybody had a scrapbook. the old kind are the best since they contained miscellaneous candy wraps, bus tickets, gift cards, tube tokens, photographs, cigarrete boxes, matchbooks, anything that when looked at years into the future would take you back to a moment or a period in your life. rather than photoalbums, i have boxes now, filled with photos which my grownup children love to look through on rainy days. we all sit on the floor and look through the old photos and baby books and reminesce. they are our history in a nutshell. the other day rather than making something i decided to look through one box at a time and pull out some oldies that stood out and here they are

my great grandmother Lucrecia (founder of the Red Cross in Chile), my grandmother Edith in white hat, her sister Violeta in black hat, and my uncles Raul Silva Castro and Rene who died shortly after this picture. he was my grandmothers twin.
my grandfather Oscar in glasses, my grandmother Baxter next to him, Auntie Barbara, Uncle John, GG Harry Berger, my father Martin as a little boy, my GGrandmother Helen, my Auntie Kitten (Beatrice) and Uncle Arthur. All the men emigrated, one to South America (my grandfather, one to Africa and one to Canada. Auntie Kitten and Auntie Barbara remained in Kent all their lives.

my mother Paula, stunning huh?

guess who?

Lisa Peers my best friend at the time, me in my Montgomery and my brother Martin in Englandold passport photo of Martin (my brother) and I

my first & only husband although we don't live together anymore: Johannes Maurice Marsh Von der Forst aka as Juan

Juan and my little angel in heaven, Christopher Julian who we lost when he was 5 tender years

Juan, Christopher and the Red VW van where we "made" him

tatiana & jon



ale said...

hola constanza!!!HERMOSAS FOTOS!!!!!llenas de recuerdos!!! de risas ,de momentos ,de nostalgia...!!!!son las huellas de nuestra vida,no?...miles de besos para vos y que tengas una muy linda semana!!!

Jo Archer said...

Lovely photos. What a good looking family you have! I'm so sorry to hear that you lost your little boy though. He was beautiful.

Laura said...

Ohhh, bless you for sharing these lovely photos dear soul. Such nostalgia, and I too am sorry to hear that you lost a precious little one, I didn't know that - he looks so 'dapper' in the van photo :>


chad-roscoe said...

Love this post Constanza. Everyone is so beautiful in your family. How is that fair?
I'm so srry, I didn't know you'd lost your little boy.

Rebeca Domínguez said...

Querida Connie:

Hoy me encuentro que este precioso albúm familiar tuyo. !gracias por compartir estas fotos.!! Preciosa familia, vida llena de recuerdos y algunas pérdidas. Así es la vida...le lleva de todo.

Un beso