Saturday, September 26, 2009

today i received the biggest compliment ever on one of my flickr photos which read "when are you going to write a book about your projects?" i was so flattered. then i began looking at my sets and realizing how many things i HAVE created, it kind of blew me away that all those things were actually made by me. most of them gone now, either traded, given as gifts or sold in my humble little shop amid so many other talented artists from around the world. it would be nice to write a book, although i prefer collaboratives, i have never had very much of an ego. more than anything i would like to encourage people, spark the creative flame that is so rewarding and relaxing and fullfilling.

when i create, it is usually with an idea that comes into my mind that needs to be realized right then and there. as much as i write down ideas in a little brown notebook i carry everywhere, there are countless un-accomplished; they tend to evaporate lest i get to them right away since motion is always forward and new ideas and the new trends are coming at me each second.

just by looking at a tree, or parts of a sidewalk, an image in a magazine or blog, a face or an item stored in a drawer can bring out a convulsive need to run to the art table and create. many have called it a curse because the ideas come faster than we can actually materialize them. an art object takes, time and energy. Most fine artists take weeks to create just one piece. as altered artists we are lucky to complete a piece in a day after much struggling with hundreds of collected items in every sized box imaginable.

i am doubly cursed because i work with so many mediums: i love fabric, embroidery, painting, knitting, crochet and collage so switch back and forth depending on my mood and the sensory experience i want that day or moment.

the past few weeks all has been texture and fabric other than the assemblage crown one especially gifted night. here i share with you my latest work and work in progress WIP. I accept suggestions and input as I received from Nancy a few days ago about one of my sacred hearts where she mentioned the frame called for something else, lighter, more fragile and she was right. So please don't feel ashamed to tell me what you see could use a little something different. i am not here to brag, but more than anything to share my creative exerience and to learn from you as much as you might learn from me.


Chrisy said...

I love the variety of your amazes me that some artists just keep doing the same thing over and over again...just can't relate to that....and yes you must start thinking in terms of a book!

Carola Zajdman said...

Cómome gustó tu pa´gina, súper creativa, te súper felicito !!!