Friday, January 9, 2009

woke up a little sullen after finding out another of my friends is now unemployed. i had read mossy's blog and discovered her husband Ron was unemployed and that they had had to cancel their medical insurance and mossy is recovering from breast cancer so this really is a bucket of cold water. what a grey, dismal tomorrow awaits us as so many lose their jobs and all because of the greedy frenzy of the past five years. i also am running into a lot of blogs with similar messages.

i knew something was really wrong all along. i am not a shopper so when i did have to run over to grab the few essentials, i was always amazed at how people were just buying cart loads and remodeling their homes, and i would always say to myself, 'where do all these people get the money?" now we know they were just borrowing from themselves. my intuition was right.

i never buy anything unless i know i have the money to back it up, not exactly frugal, but definitely realistic and very concientious of what we need rather than what we want, living on lists and priorities, leaving many dreams on the backburner, especially the house in the woods on my land that needs a foundation.

my heart goes out to those who are stuggling right now, i well know what it is to live paycheck to paycheck. so am gathering a few things here and there to put up for giveaways in the next few days. you can also leave comments if you are going through hardship and if there is anything that i can fill in the blanks with i'd be glad to do so. have lots of magazines and art supplies and fabrics, buttons and collage papers and images that may come in handy for projects if you are short.

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Jan said...

Your heart is overflowing with kindness and generosity - bless you x