Friday, January 16, 2009

a very peaceful quiet two days, trying to take it all in rather than rush so much. in the process got to watch two good movies on the t.v. something i don't usually take the time to do: The Valley of Elah and Notes on a Scandal. Kate Blanchett just blows me away as does Judi Dench whom I've been an admirer of for years. those brits. my psyche is in need of more relax time so sewing was the answer. i made two more embroideries for the nap blanket which seems to be coming along although when i lay it on a bed it still seems small but i have finally learned to have ongoing projects, or works in progress that don't need to be finished presto. i used to feel that if i didn't finish something while in the inspired moment i would never come back to it. now, i feel the opposite, that by walking away and coming back to it later you can actually improve on it. i have two stuffed dolls that i feel that way about, so they will be my next sewing project.

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