Friday, January 9, 2009

LOVE Tokens for LOL MAMMA Valentine Swap

Another challenge completed. Phew. MAMMA, I think I deserve a trip to the ice cream parlor by now, don't you think? Making these was so nourishing to my soul. Every second making them was pure love, thinking of who would receive them and hoping they would like them. The little paperclay pin just happened by surprise since I was making something else with paperclay and thought, hmmm, maybe a clay heart pin might come out this material too. Painted it with chalks, rubber stamped and embellished with handwriting and a few polka dots around the border.

Yes indeed, LOVE IS IN THE AIR.


Jan said...

Ave Maria is playing and I just had to fill my soul with the beautiful music.
Enchanting love heart Connie - I haven't got around to making one yet but think I just might in the hope that we may be swap partners!

Jan said...

You are the sweetest thing dear Connie. Thank you again for your comments. Wear your vintage satin with pride - but let me have just a little peep when you do!