Thursday, January 8, 2009

yesterday's gift was a chance encounter. brenda beerhorst marked one of my embroideries as a fave on flickr and I am always curious to find out more about the people that feel drawn into my visions. suddenly, i was in Michigan and Brooklyn on a nonstop five hour virtual flight into the heart of a family that is my envisionment of perfection! so much so that i looked at every single photograph they have posted, a first for me. i just fell in love with the love in everything this family does. the photographs almost speak for themselves, but i had to put it into words.

a butterfly garden
a top hatted self portrait by rick
muddy-faced rain and grace
a boy named sheperd
a dog, a cat and rabbits
apple pie made from apples picked from a nearby tree
brenda's hand hooked rugs
and ofcourse art everywhere
an art studio (
snow in winter
a history in brooklyn
with a sad note on brenda's sister
a marriage of 21 years of togetherness
venerable family
you are now a part of me


Jan said...

What a beautiful and meaningful montage.

Gunnels blog said...

Hi! Thanks for you kind words on my blog :-) It´s ok to stitching by hand !! I think it´s very good way to thinking, and sometimes it´s good to do things slowly....... In my piece I very often do both, I like the different kind ot stich together, both by hand and machine!

brenda said...

oh my goodness! Thank you for the encouragment. We are a unique family, not without our flaws, but love covers a multitude of sins....we hope!