Sunday, January 11, 2009

sunday's are my silly days. i can sleep in, have breakfast in bed, cuddle with the cats a little longer, not worry too much about time and just doodle the day away.

today, half way through the day, i looked through all my art books wondering about what i should make today, but realized i still have some challenges to complete, i'm just that not inspired in those lines right now. i kind of feel i want the big bang, something new and exciting i've never done before. then i realized i have my nap blanket which needs a lot more work on it so calmed down and just opted to finish the smaller projects i already have going.

i am so proud of the fact that i have scratched off quite a few items from the to-do-list which had grown to 19 pending. all the miscellaneous letters that need to be written, requests faxed, several damaged x-mas orders that need returning, prescriptions filled, dentist appointments, curtain bar purchased, etc. etc. as much as i hate to be distracted, these fires keep popping up and they need to be turned out before true chaos overwhelms everything.
finished digital collage for Maggie's Monday Musings (MAMMA's)

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Flippinpest said...

I love the stunning, bright and colourful work you are producing. this is amazing