Friday, January 16, 2009

i had totally forgotten about my submission to the altered art challenge for January and i had been the one who selected the topic in the first place. chosing Margaret Atwood's poem "the moment" was easy since it one of my favorite poems but i would also like to introduce the group to two south american poets, Pablo Neruda and Mario Benedetti so will have to work on a couple more submissions as the month continues.

as i played with my paper and paints yesterday i made another mini, an atc honoring the earth. and MAMMA announced the "Bird" challenge for this week. Lots of green in my work this week for some reason; must be the tiring grew of winter beckoning spring.

i've been looking through all my magazines, especially Cloth, Paper, Scissors and Somerset Studio and there are lots of techniques and materials i haven't even come close to mastering yet. if only the mediums weren't so expensive.

Oh well, one step at a time.


Jan said...

Two incredibly beautiful pieces. The Attwood poem touches the soul and your artwork is just beautiful.

Shelly said...

"Earth" is lovely. You have such a way with color.
The Atwood poem piece just takes my breath away. So, so fantastic.

WendyK said...

Fabulous work, great colours