Friday, January 2, 2009

a new year in blogland. what an important space this has become for me.this is where i create my "ideal"world, an aesthetic compromise to surround myself with at close range.

this is my safe haven
that room of my own
my diary, my journey
where i can hide
where i can be my better side
where i can be real
where i can be unreal
where i can be surreal
where i can SHARE
where i can be part of the big picture
where friends multiply
where i can say the truth
where i can pretend
where i can be beautiful
where i can be idealistic
where i can vent
where i can seek others like or unlike myself
where i can understand the complexities
where i can run away from the unpleasantries of daily life
where my surprising side emerges
where i can inspire
give hope

my survival skill

a threshhold to tomorrow


Renee/nayski said...

i absolutely love this - great work!

Jan said...

Great words, my friend. Also, an absoloutely fantastic drawing - I LOVE it!

Jan said...

I think (maybe) that there is a lot of you in this drawing? x