Monday, February 13, 2012

a week of mixed media

it's been quite a week. we had richard's son visiting from costa rica and a live concert by richard's other son scott and lots of things to do with mine and all the things in between the rushes.  it's been incredibly windy and cold, especially at night so mostly staying indoors.  so i decided to join in tag tuesday again this week, staying busy with my hands.

i find that collaborative projects that challenge you bring out the best in my creativity.  i push my boundaries and experiment with new textures and materials and surprise myself most of the time.i am also participating in the prayer flag project where i get to make a garland with all my personal prayers for the year in my crazy fabric collages.  i plan to hang it in the wind on my balcony overlooking the ocean so the breezes will carry those prayers to the sky. stay tuned for a few of them coming up this week. 


Carola Zajdman said...

Qué cosas tan lindas, por favor !!! beso grande

☼Carolina Artesanías☼ said...

.//^ ^\\ Feliz Dia del Amor y Amistad ♥♥
(/(_♥_)\) ::::::::::::::::::::::♥♥
._/''*''\_ ............♥♥❁◕‿◕❁ ♥ ♥

Anonymous said...

Honourable bye, sentimental chum :)