Sunday, February 5, 2012

happy again

SUNDAYS'S here at what we call Hughes Hill are synonymous with waiting for Downton Abbey at 9 p.m. The whole day revolves around the expectation.  My Ricardinho brings me coffee in the morning and we talk for at least an hour before easing into the day. We have made it our day to do whatever we want, usually meaning we each get to go into our own work spaces and make things.

which in my case might mean walking around in circles for half an hour or pacing the floor or literally pulling out my hair until the aha moment strikes. it always surprises me that my creative urges come all at once, like a surge, and i work day and night non-stop for days at a time. that's how it happened yesterday.  i went into my studio, turned on the sewing machine and let it take me wherever it wanted to take me.

i had started a fabric collage with the mantra marcela had introduced me to a year ago and worked on that until it was finally completed.  then i dug into my unfinished basket and found the collage of frida i so love and finished that too.  it is now finally ready to hang on the wall until i decide it is ready to be sold.

but i couldnt end there.  with valentines coming up, i always make a heart or two.  richard hates hearts, but i explain it is one of the most perennial forms that has been re-created over and over again, literally.  that's why i love hearts so much.  i have made an infinite number of them, having given only a few away in swaps or sales, i like to keep them close at hand.
"tangled up in you" fabric and fibre heart

& then a little bit of journaling
scribbles, deep thoughts, light thoughts, silly thoughts

and as i post, only three more hours till downton! yeah!


bohemiannie! art said...

Oh that muse is working overtime and the sewing machine definitely brought you to some fabulously beautiful places. My favorite is your happy collage. Gorgeous, beautiful, love it!

maría cecilia said...

adorable connie!!! y qué buenas están tus fotos.

me encanta escucharte decir "mi richard"
te quiero

Carola Zajdman said...

Cómo me gustan tus obras !! voy a terminar comprándote una !! cuándo venís para estos lugares? beso grande !!