Friday, February 17, 2012

just kids

 i go to barnes and noble a lot (four times a month at least) because i read a lot. we read a lot. i have been an avid reader since i was a sickly little girl in england and my book collection is probably my biggest collection. i collect things remember?, especially things that i feel make the makers of those things present, close, with me. 
but i have to stress, "just kids" by patti smith is the BEST book i have randomly come across in a long time. 
 i have never been a fan of her music but always considered her interesting, very interesting.  having grown up in the same era, reading her book has taken me back to the way we were as youths, the passion we had, how we could live on next to nothing and be so happy.
 i love the book so much, i don't want it to end.  she writes so well, has such a unique way of seeing things, and so many interesting things happened to her.
 she reminds me a bit of charlotte gainsborough
 dont't you think?
& doesn't she make a great portrait theme?

“Please, no matter how we advance technologically, please don't abandon the book. There is nothing in our material world more beautiful than the book.”

― Patti Smith


urn where patti keeps the ashes of her soulmate, robert mapelthorpe himself an extraordinary artist

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Judy Martin said...

An amazing post.
I love books too.
Books are my largest collection.
You've inspired me to check this book out.

p.s. lovely blog