Saturday, February 25, 2012

eclectic week

lent, a time for cleansing
it's been a little bit of this and a little bit of that with a lot of reading tucked in the middle since not only am i finishing "just kids" (which i have enshrined at this point) but i ordered two books from canada about the english gentry after becoming a more than fanatical "downtonite" as in downton abbey.
  i've done a bit of sewing, a bit of writing, a bit of poetry, a bit of thrift shopping, a bit of painting, a bit of collage, lots of cooking, experimented with my camera and worked a lot in my black and white 2012 journal apart from starting a new sacred heart fabric collage. but my pride and joy has to be this altered tag i cfreated for tag tuesday.

photo by sdzn on flickr

one of my digital doodles with "scribbler" program
photo by moorish on etsy
and now, hopefully, on to the prayer flag project which i have neglected altogether

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raquel said...

gracias,gracias por tus comentarios ,te admiro ,fuente de inspiración ,,tan profunda natural una genia gracias saluditos