Wednesday, February 8, 2012

sweet nothings

"the heart of the ocean whispers in tender replies"
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when i go into creative mode, it's almost like a fever or a frenzy. i go into a trance, i think of nothing else and live tip toeing over fabrics and collage papers and photographs and words and findings until an idea hits me and i put it all together. it is a suddenness and fullness for days and then it wanes.  it is here now in full swing and i relish it. 

"rouge et blanc" mixed media fabric collage 

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i highly encourage you to participate in this project since it is hosted by a very talented lady by the name of carolyn saxby from st. ives, cornwall, england.


Mar said...

Mi querida Violeta Parra Californiana. Me gusta ese nick para ti, vengo aqui y es como llenarme de energia, de colores. Subir el animo y pensar en lo poco que queda para conocernos.
Estoy embobada con esta nueva creacion, siempre que veo algo nuevo pienso, ¿le puede gustar a uno esto mas que lo anterior?, y no se si podria ser asi, lo que si se, es que cada vez que publicas me encanta y me lleno de buenas energias.
Saludos querida Connie, nos vemos pronto!

ale said...

connie querida!!!!!!!! hooolaaaaaa!!! te leí todo el tiempo!!!!! me encanta como estás!!! aparte de tan creativa ...tannnn felízzzzzzz!!! me encanta tus muchos días chooosing ser very happy!!!!!!inspiras y contagiás connieeeeee!!!! besos enormes a vos a richardddddd y a los chicos!!!!!!!!!!...por aquí todos super bien..charlie,yo,sobrinos,padres,perros,familia,amigos!!!!! como vos decis todos chhsing to be happy!!!!!!!!!! besos connie !!!!!!!! alita

Chris said...

Hi there, yes, I can understand how it feels when you are in the mood for creating. You get lost in what you are doing and can't seem to stop until you have finished what you were working on. I'm like that also. Thanks for sharing your lovely work. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris