Saturday, November 1, 2008

Visiting friends

In spite of scarce time, I make it a point to visit my favorite friends' (blogs) every week to see what gifts they may have found along their way. This morning I stumbled upon the comments on Susan's blog and some of the poetry some of her friends had contributed:

I woke from a dream
warm open lyrics
rising gently
flowinglike music’s breath
a precious poet’s sweet grasping voice
howls tender joys
miles timeless clouds
like blessed kisses
on cheeks and faces
held in delicate hopes
until sweet night
and empty darkness
meets yellow light
and morning calm

Catherine's Romeo and Juliet Collage for the Altered Art Challenge

and Susan's Haiku? sort of
his heart
rare as red sea glass

and mine
the maiden soft
with shadows in her midst
replenishes her stream of Hope
with subtle gifts
of burnished threads
and folded treasured cloths
outcasting all her woes
on us
the kindred ghosts
rustling beside her

written to Cathy Cullis about a month ago

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