Saturday, November 15, 2008


When I approach the act of creating something that seems impossible or too hard what a great slogan YES I CAN is, how full of Hope and Belief and possibility. The best thing about it though is that it also encourages EXCELLENCE. I am now committed to saying Yes, I Can more often, being less self-critical and giving myself more pats on the back. At least I endeavor to give Life, look around me and see Life, see the possibilities around me for making my surroundings more beautiful.

Ironic as it may seem, this economic crunch motivates me even more. "Necessity is truly the Mother of Invention" and I dig for materials I already have to make things, twigs from the garden, rocks and pebbles, seashells and leaves, old jars and found objects collected over the years.

All for inner peace, a relaxing mantra as I bring my needle and thread over and under in a flight of the imagination.

My two favorite fabric artists and what they're up to: Cathy Cullis & Spirit Cloth

That's the fabric admiration, but what about?............
Indianartdolworks created this beauty from what other would consider trash

EveCrowe created this masterpiece from salvage too, and what about Collette Copeland's Bird on vintage book page? And what about those Tilesmiles little hands that make tiles with all sorts of words or ClaudiaBegins and Ravenwolfs Digital collages right and below?WHAT CAN I SAY but YES THEY CERTAINLY COULD!


Anonymous said...

Gracias por incluirme. Es curioso, pero yo también estoy en ese proceso de decirme a mí misma "yo puedo", y darle nuevo impulso al shop. Y de acuerdo con q hay q ser menos perfeccionista, esa es una trampa q me he puesto mucho tiempo. Te mando abrazos, y mucho éxito en tu empeño de seguir creando cosas bellas. Claudia (always around you)

Mieke said...

Love your work!!