Monday, November 24, 2008

Look what I missed

These are the days I wish wish wish I were back in Chile. Last Friday my school (THE GRANGE) celebrated it's 80 year anniversary and all the promotions were invited. I had planned to attend but couldn't at the last minute, SNIF. So talking to everybody yesterady and today who got to go, looking through all the photos just put me in one of those melancholy moods and reminiscing way back when. I even found an old photo of my class at SANTIAGO COLLEGE, a school I got kicked out of for being too rebellious. Actually, I remembered the whole incident and it was all about some silliness defending a girl who wore Keds sneakers to school rather than the mandatory uniform shoes. One thing led to another and out I went in 8th grade. Blessing in disguise since I ended up at my brother's British school which had just merged with Dunalastair after the Allende elections. The Grange School is the best school I could have asked for human being wise. My Principal Mr. Lowe and then Mr. Varley, imported directly from England were relatives of Sir Edward Hilary. They quickly became my parents' friends and we even took them to our house in El Quisco. Then all my companeras from Dunalastair, so well educated by Mrs. Carmichael's British standards. Wish I had completely skipped the Santiago College years where all the waspy Santiago girls went. Never ever felt I belonged in that school; there was so much elitism and a competition for status, unlike the Grange where it was all goofing around.
SIP, Nunquam Non Paratus

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