Friday, November 7, 2008

Passions (Mantra)

There are days when I would like to turn off the switch. My mental switch that is. Look, it's almost 2 in the morning and my mind is still going 120 miles an hour. Ideas flash through it non-stop, my body exhausted, begging for rest. HOW? A trip maybe, a caring somebody to bring me outside stimulus so I wouldn't have to create my own? Less passion. IMPOSSIBLE. This is how I was made made-a curious George of sorts, never quite satisfied with status quo.
I wasn't always this way mind. I was immersed in the nourishment of my husband and children, making sure they were getting the flow of stimulus.

Now that I am free of those responsibilities, I can do whatever I wish and all the ideas put on the back burner have sort of hit me at once. And they have become, within me, a sort of disease, fighting within me to come OUT.
I must find Peace. I am tired from the avalanche of thought.
So appropriate the challenge for this month to turn to "Tribalism" , where basic instincts rule.

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