Thursday, July 10, 2008


I get to go! I am ecstatic that I get to meet at least 160 of them. Yes, I am going to the ZNE CONVENZIONE at the end of August up in Pleasanton, CA. I've wanted to meet all my ZNE friends for years now. We got started about nine years ago and the group has grown to over 800 members over the years. God knows how many works of art by zners I own. As a matter of fact I just bought one more from Lani Kent a couple of days ago and am bidding on her "Masquerade" ATC on e-bay. It will be so awesome to meet her since she will be there too.

I found this vacation home for rent on the net; up on a hill, a 4.5 acre ranch that we will (hopefully) be sharing with 7 of the instructors. The house looks perfect and the view paradisiacal.
I just can't wait. I signed up for Susan Tuttle's workshop. It was a tough decision since so many great instructors will be there amongst them Joanna of Moss Hill Studio and Joanna Pettit. Wish I could take all of them.
Here are some pictures of the house. And we get it for a steal a piece, about $50 a night. Ok now to make lots of memories.

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