Sunday, July 13, 2008

Where I want to be

It has been such a stimulating, positive, good week. Not only did I get the call for the interview I've been waiting for but I have felt renewed and optimistic about the changes coming up. It just feels like life IS taking me in the right direction. I just needed to get rid of some unresolved issues.

My Facebook friends have swelled to over 100. I have re-encountered so so many friends young and old, family members and have gotten to see photos of the years in between. I never realized how exciting Facebook was. I feel like a kid browsing through all the profiles of my friends.

Creatively, I am at a standstill. This happens once in awhile. I just have to let it go. I just don't know what medium to pick up. My fingers are tired of sewing and the pricks show. So right now just trading and playing around with Photoscape.

Writing to Peter in Czechoslovakia as he starts a new duo with Jana, funny friendship building yet hard to see how we can possibly meet.

Still planning a possible trip to Chile for the reunion of The Grange School. I so want to attend the 82nd. anniversary of the school and see who will be there. I am thinking of contributing some ideas for videos and music, slideshows and readings.
Nunquam non Paratus

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Bernice said...

Hi My Sweet, I'm so glad to hear that things are going in a good direction for you.
I know you will have a wonderful time at the conference with all your friends.
The school reunion sounds so great I do hope you can make it.
I think of you daily, take care.