Thursday, July 31, 2008


My schedules are all mixed up. Have been falling asleep close to 3 in the morning since during the day I have no time to create at all. What with the twin cats now having taken over the house. They require most of our attention and love. Today was their first bath and this alone took over two hours since they get so cold and shivery and one needs to cuddle them in a warm blanket afterwards.

The house too was in dire straits and needed some attention. If not it's really going to start to look like a Starving Artist's shack instead of a home.

The there's the planning for CONVENZIONE and another big event in November. My school (The Grange) celebrates its 80th year and people are coming from all over the world to pay tribute to prove our motto Nunquam Non Paratus. I'm so excited to be able to go. Martin is probably coming too and I'm going to try to convince my Dad who lives in Australia to come since he is probably from the first generations and a true OLD BOY.

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