Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's getting better all the time

So what I have been up to? Something weird is happening, I have this voracious appetite and have been eating more than I usually do. I'm hungry all the time, unusual for me who always eats bird-sized meals. I sure hope it doesn't settle in all the wrong places.

Well, went for the interview yesterday and in two weeks I will know if I have been selected for round 2 which would mean another interview with the Board of Directors. I am crossing my fingers, I really want this job. It is perfect for me.

Thanks to I have picked up my art journal again and have been painting and collaging away. It is so challenging to see other people's work. It makes you say, I CAN DO THAT. My room, being so cluttered, has suffered with all the papers and paints spread out over the floor but it's been worth it. I really love some of the things that have resulted. I guess it's OK to give myself a pat on the back, isn't it?

Letters from Claudia and Peter and Lucy and Sourdoughs #7 with Richard keep me happy. Scott is back from Chile and that makes him happy.

Martin and Andrea are planning a camping trip in about two weeks and I so want to come. I haven't gone camping in years. Apparently Erika and Tyler and other members of the family will be coming so it will be fun.

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Claudia said...

Qué inspiradora esta web q has linkeado, me gustó. Oye, qué bien q son buenos tiempos para ti, estás "en racha" como dicen aquí, ves cómo pasan los días feos? yo también estaré cruzando los dedos por tí. Ah, y descubrí las tortitas de arroz dilatado, q me quitan el hambre... a veces también me excedo y después lo lameeento... besito, suerte, hablamos. Clau