Tuesday, July 22, 2008

....and the beat goes on......

Something's in the air. Changes, Hope with capital letters. I feel it in the streets, when I go to an eatery and see people coming alive again. Our country needs it so deperately=the human element after a diseased addiction to consumption and a rancid philosophy of greed versus deed.
Bernardita came to spend the weekend. Because of the gas crisis she decided to take the train. How refreshing, plus I have an Amtrak station so close to home. And then we hopped in my car and went everywhere, did everything we could in three days (Garage sales, Thrift Stores,
Bookstore, Japanese Restaurant, back to bookstore for Coffee and Carrot Cake, Craft Store, Mexican restaurant, then to my bed where we listened to oldies on the cassette player (Raul Di Blasio) and got all nostalgic about Chile and decided to drink to it. Salud.

LIFE IS GOOD. And tomorrow will be even better since I finally get my bottom teeth. It has taken two years of surgeries and casts and molds and finally they will be in for good tomorrow. I am so happy. I will eat cashew nuts at last.

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