Friday, May 28, 2010


louise richarson dresses

well, i have to admit my imaginaton is very limited compared to these stunning artists.  i dare say you will eat your hearts out once you look through this photo montage, as i did. it feels like i've just walked up into my great grandmother's attic and discovered
her personal treasure chest.


ale said...

querida constanza!!!!!!! TU BLOG esta un DELEITE!!!!!!que hermosura todo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tus palabras y tu corazon completan la belleza de todas estas imagenes!!!!!te leo siemmmpreeeeee!!me mori de amorrr con la garland que estas haciendo para la chimenea!!!!que cosita linda!!!!!!
te mando miles de besosssssssssss como siempre!!!!!!!

Jo Archer said...

Gorgeous images. I love the photo dress and the one made of old linen. Do you have a link for them? I'd love to see more.

Carola Zajdman said...

Muy lindo esto, me encantaron los vestidos intervenidos y los zapatos !!

PeregrineBlue said...

Jo: Whenever I want to look at pictures I just google for example "linen dress photos" and a huge amount comes up. then I just start browsing through all the pictures and pick the ones I like. I am lousy at linking if not I would have linked. Hope you find it.

PeregrineBlue said...

Jo: Or it could be under Playingwithbrushes favorites on Flickr. Yes, I think that's where I found it. You must teach me to link.

Jo Archer said...

Thanks Constanza. Linking is easy; just copy the address of whatever you want to link to (but leave off the https:// part, just do it from www. Then, when you write your blog post, highlight the the words you want to link and then click on the link icon. Paste the copied address in the box and click ok.
Hope that wasn't too confusing!