Monday, May 17, 2010

cosas, cosas, cosas, things, things, things.  and more things.  one more week and i return home to california just in time for the end of spring, for that much needed rest and relaxation.  i am sorting through all the beautiful things my mother bequested and i realize, in spite of their beauty, how few things i really need at this junction in my life.  all i want is to give everything away, their emotional weight is more than their worth and i truly don't want more things in my life.  if anything, i want less and less, quality rather than quantity.

there was a time when i wanted.  a time when i had to possess in order to be happy.  now, the lighter the load, the happier. things enslave you, they blur the vision.  that does not mean i don'tadmire creativity and the myriad of new things appearing every day on the market.  to live, one must create on a daily basis.  the paradox is that we don't need much to be happy, truly happy. 

as i head home i embrace the customs of the land that has given me refuge for the last 12 years, the america i have studied endlessly in order to appreciate it.  and i look ahead to my studio to complete custom orders and to my shop where i will be listing alot of those "things".

i cannot say i will miss chile, at least not for the moment.  i have lived in a twilight zone for four months, traumatic beyond words, with too many bad happenings one after the other.  i had looked to chile with hope and possibility but the experience has taught me otherwise, home is surely where the heart is.


Art4Sol said...

I've moved so many times that I now feel less is better too. I've been selling even BOOKS that I've collected over the years. I just know I don't have enough time to do or read it all! It's time to reduce and simplify!
Happy home coming!

maría cecilia said...

Hola, què rico es comer donde La Tina, sobre todo carne mechada con arrocito o purè, muy chileno!!
Mi vida tambièn ha tenido muuuuchos terremotos y finalmente ahora estoy tranquila y feliz... te deseo encuentres tu paz muy pronto!!!!... ya sea en Chile o donde tu corazòn se sienta feliz!!!
Muchos cariños peregrina,
Maria Cecilia