Saturday, February 6, 2010

cositas que me compre para coser en "Costuritas"

I think I'm on the right track again determined not to let the pain of seeing my Mother decline slowly take over my life and remain on the Sunny Side of the Street. After letting it all out last night in Spanish and painting a sordid painting, I have reflected on my long ago determination NOT to tap into my dark side and play it safe, safe for my mind that is. I know true artists do that a lot and most famous artists DO precisely that, go into their dark side where the true inner being comes out. But i don't like the dark side, never have, so protect myself by keeping my vision focused on whatever is good about Life, whatever is pure and clean and healthy. Case in point my discovery and love at first site with Suzanne Duda's artwork and blog. Please enjoy. Every page of her blog is so inspiriing and beautiful.

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