Tuesday, February 16, 2010


cHaNgE. CHANGE is gOoD. not only am i in constant movement but i am constantly changing. i am with myself more than with any other being, therefore it is myself that i talk to mostly, myself that i work with and on. as events unravel around me, i realize all is part of the process, i too am part of the equation and i am being tested-daily, hourly, second by second. above all i want to maintain my integrity, find that one path sprinkled with mustard seeds, those that grow. and since beauty is my muse, beauty is my truth.

i am am re-evaluating what i like to create, what i like to envision, and falling in love with photography bit by bit and delving a little into digital art and digital manipulation.

there is no one art that i love above others, since art is my soulmate, but i do like to step outside routine, experiment with my other inner voices.

Life is Good


Carola Zajdman said...

Muy lindas fotos !!! el sillón invita a recostarsecon un libro. Leiste Los Aires Difíciles de Almudena Grandes?

Bernie said...

Oh my dear friend, I have found you again. What a beautiful posting and an even more beautiful art piece.
I knew you were going to Chile and a part of me thought you might stay.
I know you will follow your heart and no matter where you are you will always be in my heart.
You can find my new digital art at Earth Gaia.com